About DoggyNet

MewlsThe idea for this website was born of a love and a hatred for dog walking. A love, because when the sun’s cracking the sky, we’d rather be nowhere else than on a long dog walk; a hatred, because dog walking can be incredibly repetitive and tedious - especially when the weather’s bad.


This got us to thinking how incredibly handy it would be if there was a website that could help people find and plan dog walks. Somewhere that would tell you what kind of walk to expect (hilly/muddy/ugly/picturesque), what kind of obstacles you might encounter (vicious dogs, hoards of toddlers, runners etc.) and what you might like about the park (great views, easy parking and other dog walkers, for example).


So it wasn't long before we decided to build our own dog walking website and give Glasgow’s dog walkers a much-needed dog walking portal. As family dog walkers ourselves, we've been particularly keen to include all those things that dog walkers with families are looking for, like play parks and cafes. But we've also tried to keep an open mind and think about the rest of you too, because after all, there are many types of dog walker!


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Of course this is a work in progress. We still have plenty more outdoor spaces to explore, so if you have a favourite dog walk that isn’t included on this website, please tell us about it.


Treat this as your dog walking home, where you can share your dog walking experiences with fellow Glasgow dog owners, and find out everything you need to know about walking your dog in Glasgow.

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