Does being a dog walker make you smug?


Why of course…

I admit it. As I was trotting down the road for yet another dog walk at 9.30 this morning, I would rather have been doing anything else: washing my hair; loading the dishwasher; filling up the car; pretty much anything other than the same old dog walk.

That was until I experienced the true joy of west of Scotland weather. The good old four seasons in a day that almost no other country or region on this planet is yet to experience.

Much as it may sound odd to say that a sudden onslaught of sideways hail was the highlight of my day; it’s true. It was at that moment that I forgot my boredom and tiredness and sense of ‘dear god why I am doing this AGAIN?’ and actually started to enjoy myself. We had a moment of panic stations: toddler rushed into the confines of her pram, moaning about the protective shield of plastic that would keep both wind and hail at bay and provide a level of comfort that no-one over the age of 5 ever gets to enjoy; dog making a dash for the park exit with me in hot pursuit. But it was fun.

Even the grumpy man who seems to resent both mine and my dog’s existence, managed a full sentence of commiserating pleasantries about the weather. Ah, good old Glaswegian adversity!

And that’s the joy of being a dog walker. Moreover, a dog walker in Glasgow. You don’t get to opt out of life when the weather’s bad; you’re just that bit hardier.


The same goes for your fitness. Having to walk a dog every day, come rain or shine, means that you are ALWAYS active, not just when you get new year’s guilt, or you’re trying to slim down for the summer. Exercising is integral to your life, so you don’t even have to think about it.

As for those of us who are dog walkers with children? We get to teach our children something about life; something about enjoying all the elements, and (more importantly) making sure we dress appropriately for them. Maybe we even teach our kids a bit about perseverance and just getting on with it.

Sound a bit smug? Ah, of course…

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