Great British Dog Walk, Pollok Park, Sunday 22nd April at 11am


A wee while ago I received a lovely email from Lisa Armstrong at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, who is currently organising the Great British Dog Walk at Pollok Park.

The walk is taking place on Sunday 22nd April at 11am and tickets are £12 for an adult. Lisa would like as many dog owners as possible to get involved. If you would like to sign up please go to

Here’s a bit more about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in Lisa’s words:

Our charity selects, breeds, trains and cares for a specially trained assistance dog to help severely or profoundly deaf adults and children. The recipients gain independence, confidence and companionship by having a loyal assistant by their side. Hearing loss affects 1-in-6 of the population, that’s over 10 million people experiencing its effects including increased vulnerability, isolation and loss of confidence.

There are nearly 1,000 working partnerships supported by Hearing Dogs every single day, and we do so entirely through voluntary donations.

Hearing Dogs recipients are alerted to everyday sounds that they would otherwise miss by a persistent nudge (nose or paw) from their Hearing Dog and are then led to the source of the sound. In a day that will be the alarm clock, the doorbell, phone or text rings, cooker timer or their own name being called by a family member. We add in any additional alerts for sounds that are part of the recipient’s life such as a baby alarm or the Skype/Facetime call signal.

Crucially each dog is trained to alert to the sound of the smoke/fire alarm allowing the recipient to sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge they will be woken in the night in case of an emergency. Our clever dogs also wear a special burgundy jacket which indicates the recipient is deaf.

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