Bellahouston Park



  • A mix of open fields and wooded walks
  • Some very steep hills, but also plenty of flat paths and open fields for throwing a ball about



  • Free parking is available in and around the park and also at Bellahouston Leisure Centre (accessed from Bellahouston Drive), House for an Art Lover (accessed from Dumbreck Road) and the Palace of Art (accessed from Paisley Road West)
  • Toilets – there are no official public toilets, but you may get away with nipping into the Palace of Art or Bellahouston Leisure Centre


Points of Interest

  • Stunning views from the top of the park
  • Three play areas
  • Bowling greens
  • Walled Garden
  • Sunken Garden
  • Horseshoe Garden
  • Monument for the Empire Exhibition
  • Papal Retaining Wall (John Paul II)
  • Portico Entrance
  • Empire Exhibition Commemorative Cairn
  • Papal Garden (Benedict 16th)
  • Glasshouse for a Plant Collector
  • Maze (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Sculpture Garden (Outside the House for an Art Lover)
  • Educational Allotment Garden
  • Bellahouston Leisure Centre
  • An "All Weather" Hockey Pitch
  • An "All Weather" Running Track
  • The Palace of Art
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s House for an Art Lover
  • Glasgow Ski Centre
  • Outdoor Cycle Track
  • Cricket Square (Artificial and Grass Squares)
  • Studio Pavilion/Heritage Centre (due May 2014)
  • Outdoor gym
  • Dog park – A small area of land where dogs can play. There’s nothing very inspiring about it, so we’d suggest sticking to the main park itself.



  • Bellahouston Park is popular park with runners
  • Bellahouston Park is part of a major cycle route, so you may encounter the odd cyclist

Travel Information

  • Drive - Car parks for Bellahouston Park are available at: The House for an Art Lover off Dumbreck Road; at Bellahouston Sports Centre off Bellahouston Drive; at The Palace of Art (off Paisley Road West); and at a small parking area on Mosspark Boulevard.
  • Walk - Bellahouston Park can be accessed from Dumbreck Road, Paisley Road West, Bellahouston Drive and Mosspark Boulevard.
  • Rail - Trains run from Central Station to Dumbreck Railway Station. Turn right onto Nithsdale Road as you exit the station and continue walking for 5 minutes until you reach Dumbreck Road. Cross over the road into Bellahouston Park.

Before travelling by train, have a quick read of National Rail’s policy on travelling with animals.


Please note that buses are not obliged to accept non-service dogs. For that reason we haven’t included bus routes.

Our review

Bellahouston Park may not be the best park on Glasgow’s south side – it certainly lacks the luxuriance of say Pollok Park and Linn Park - but with both size and a variety of activities on offer, it’s certainly one to add to your dog walking list.