Castle Semple Country Park

Our review

Castle Semple Country Park is a large area of wetland based within Clydemuirshiel Regional Park. Castle Semple Country Park is good for long, flat dog walks and will appeal to anyone who likes soothing, loch-side rambles.

Attractive to families

If you're a dog owner with a family then you'll probably enjoy the birds at Castle Semple visitor centre.There's also a wide range of activities on offer, should you want to combine child entertainent with a dog walk.

In addition, nearby Lochwinnoch has a decent play area with a car park, which is located just over the road from the loch. It's quite easy to start your day here and then head across for a walk along the flat paths that run round the loch and along towards the visitor centre.

Bird heaven

If you're a bird lover then you'll adore Castle Semple Country Park. There are many ducks, swans and geese at the visitor centre and the RSPB centre is located just down the road.

A range of terrain and paths

If you do choose to park at the pavilion in Lochwinnoch, you can have a reasonably long, flat walk before hitting the slightly bumpier paths. The untarmacked paths are do-able with a pram, but you're likely to get a bit mucky in the process!

If you want a smoother ride then head up to the cycle networks. There is much less of a view on the cycle paths and, naturally, you will need to negotiate cyclists and the odd runner.

If you liked Castle Semple Country Park then you'll probably enjoy Strathcyde Country Park and Hogganfield Park and Loch.