Cathkin Braes Country Park

Our review

Cathkin Braes Country Park is one of Glasgow’s more 'rough and ready' parks and is located south of the city, less than a kilometre from the conservation village of Carmunnock.

If you’re more of a jackets and wellies dog walker, then you’ll love Cathkin Braes. Cathkin Braes has pretty diverse terrain and gives you a real sense of being in the great outdoors.

Gritty walks and great views

Cathkin Braes is likely to appeal to you if you like a bit of grit and dirt in your walk and/or you appreciate a good view. Cathkin Braes is 200 metres above sea level and as a result has some spectacular views across Glasgow and beyond.

Cathkin Braes is pretty challenging in parts, due to some exceptionally hilly terrain. But there are plenty of milder walks on offer, both out on the heath and in the wood.

It can be quite windy and exposed out on the open grassland, so even on a good day it’s worth taking a waterproof and/or a decent coat.

Due to its size (199 hectares), you can be sure of a good, long walk, but you will need to have decent footwear. There are formal footpaths within the park, but even these can be a bit muddy and longer walks are bound to take you off piste.

One major downside of the park is that it doesn’t have a proper circular walk, which can be a bit frustrating if you’re a fan of simple circuits.

Friendly dog walkers

The dog walkers at Cathkin Braes are pretty friendly, which isn't always a given! It's a good place to be if you like your dog to have a mash about with other dogs, or you have a young dog that needs to be socialised.

Things to look out for

Do be aware that Cathkin Braes is the official site for the Commonwealth Games mountain bike event, so it does attract a lot of cyclists. And there are quite a few fell runners at the weekend.

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