Newlands Park



  • Open spaces with reasonably well-maintained paths and many pretty flowerbeds
  • Undulating throughout, but you can avoid the hillier bits by cutting through the middle of the park
  • A small pond



  • No official parking, but there’s always space to park at the roadsides bordering the park

Points of Interest

  • The Dandelion Cafe - A lovely cafe that's as dog-friendly as a cafe can be without actually allowing dogs inside. The owners leave out bowls of water for dogs and dogs are allowed in the covered area outside. There's usually a kiosk for takeaway coffees too...
  • Tennis courts, albeit poorly maintained
  • A small play park for young children



  • No formal parking - Newlands Park doesn't have an official car park, so while there's always space on the side of the road, if you have a flighty dog it can be a bit nerve-wracking. If you have a young, unpredictable, or nervous dog, then you may want to keep him on a lead.
  • Food from the cafe - However diligent the owners may be, a cafe can spell disaster in sunny months. It's never easy to let your dog off the lead when people are wandering around with food in their hands. And of course there are always the leftovers...

Travel Information

  • Drive – Street parking is available on St. Bride’s Road, Lubnaig Road, Carlaverock Road and Beverley Road.
  • Walk – Newlands Park can be entered from Lubnaig Road, Carlaverock Road, Kilmarnock Road and Beverley Road.
  • Rail - There’s a frequent rail service from Glasgow Central to Langside Railway Station. On exiting the station, take a left up the hill onto Langside Drive. Then turn right onto Monreith Road and left onto Lubnaig road. Newlands Park is on your right.

Before travelling by train, it’d be worth having a quick read of National Rail’s policy on travelling with animals.


Please note that buses are not obliged to accept non-service dogs. For that reason we haven’t included bus routes.

Our review

Newlands Park is a great little find for south side dog walkers. The park is both picturesque and dog-friendly and is now home to the lovely Dandelion Cafe.