Pollok Park

Our review

Pollok Park is one of Glasgow’s largest parks and falls squarely within the category of country park. In fact it won Europe’s best park in 2008 – rather a glorious and fitting accolade if ever there was one.

Pollok Park is exceptionally beautiful, year round, and unlike most of the other parks in Glasgow, it always has quiet spots - even in the height of summer. So if you prefer to avoid the crowds then Pollok Park is the place for you.

A right good walk

Pollok Park offers a proper circular walk that ensures both you and your dog get a good work-out. Walking a full loop takes roughly an hour, depending on your pace, and covers almost 3 miles.


In mild weather and if your dog is amenable to being left for short periods, you may want to grab a coffee and a cake in the cafe at the Burrell Collection, or in the restaurant at Pollok House. Dogs will need to stay in the car, so this is only an option if the weather is good.

There’s nothing fancy about the cafe in the Burrell Collection, but you can get a decent slice of cake, while looking out over the park. Pollok House’s restaurant is a bit fancier.

Play parks

Pollok Park has a large children’s play park, so if you’re with another adult, one of you could take the kids to the park, while the other does the walk. There’s often an ice cream van (in good weather), which is also a bonus for tired parents wanting to placate fractious children.

Pollok House and The Burrell Collection (Burrell currently closed for refurbishment)

If you have time, you can stock up on a bit of culture at either Pollok House or the Burrell Collection. William Burrell’s impressive collection of international souvenirs is free to the public and there are often complementary exhibitions alongside it.

Please note that the Burrell collection is currently closed.

Highland cows and heavy horses

Highland cows are usually kept in the fields either side of Pollok Avenue and heavy horses are located in the courtyard just past Pollok House.

Park run

Saturday mornings can be a bit hazardous due to the weekly park run at 9.30. For the uninitiated, Park Run is a 5k timed running event that typically attracts upwards of 300 runners.

The organisers are very courteous: they know that they don’t have rights to the park and make weekly announcements to this effect. Runners are encouraged to run on the left and leave space for other walkers, especially dog walkers.

In reality, 300 runners all chasing a personal best can be a bit stressful for any dog owners who aren’t strict disciplinarians. If your dog likes to chase runners, then either avoid the park between 9.30 and 10 o’clock, or make sure that you keep the dog on a lead (would we suggest otherwise?). The run can be circumvented, but you’ll need to know the run route and the park pretty well to avoid it!

Conversely, if you’re someone who likes to run with a dog, then you may want to sign up and join in the fun.

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