Rouken Glen Park



  • A mix of: open fields; wooded riverside walks; and waterfalls
  • The main park is very flat, but prepare to do a lot of climbing if you decide to take a walk beside the river
  • Rouken Glen Park has some very attractive walled gardens
  • The boating pond is of a reasonable size and pretty clean!



  • Free car parks at both entrances to Rouken Glen Park
  • Public toilets
  • A recently renovated and re-opened Boathouse Cafe, situated next to the boating pond – not dog-friendly but drinks are available to takeaway
  • Garden centre cafe – not as lovely as the Boathouse Cafe and not dog-friendly either


Points of Interest

  • Plenty of picnic benches
  • An outdoor gym - installed in 2014
  • A large play park - renovated in 2014
  • A pavilion - renovated in 2014
  • A skate park
  • A garden centre with cafe - the cafe is not dog friendly
  • The Boathouse Cafe
  • Gatehouse Art Gallery
  • Eastwood Leisure Centre is less than half a mile down the road



  • There's a reasonable level of riverside rubbish, which can be both distracting and depressing
  • Rouken Glen Park attracts a lot of mums with toddlers, so on a good day it can be a bit like running the gauntlet
  • There are a lot of riverside midges in the summer
  • Rouken Glen Park can be very busy on a warm day and at weekends


Travel Information

  • Drive - There are car parks at both of the entrances to Rouken Glen Park on Rouken Glen Road. The 1st entrance (if approaching from the motorway) has the largest car park.
  • Walk – You can enter Rouken Glen Park from Rouken Glen Road or Davieland Road.
  • Rail - The nearest railway station to Rouken Glen Park is at Whitecraigs, just a minute’s walk from the entrance on Davieland Road. Take a left onto Ayr Road as you exit the station and then take your next left onto Davieland Road. The entrance to Rouken Glen Park is just there.

Before travelling by train, it’d be worth having a quick read of National Rail’s policy on travelling with animals.


Please note that buses are not obliged to accept non-service dogs. For that reason we haven’t included bus routes.


Our review

Rouken Glen Park is one of the largest and most interesting parks in East Renfrewshire. At first it gives the illusion of being rather pedestrian, with flat, neat paths and large open spaces, but Rouken Glen soon turns into a heady oasis, complete with waterfalls, open fields, riverside pathways and curious wooded walks - all of which make for an inspiring dog walk.